Food & Drinks

A lot has happened at Hnam Chang Ngeh over the three last month.If you feel hungry , please do not hesitate to come to our restaurant or bar to taste the flavor of our new menu for food ( Vietnamese and Western) and drinks ( including mocktails).

Moreover , we have now opened our smoothie station! Every morning of the week , from 6:00 to 8:30 am ,our student pratice the functioning of a business in term of buying foods , transforming it and selling it to customers. The smoothie station offers smoothies , coffe , soy milk and banh mi

Hnam Chang Ngeh is now offering guided tours!

Our guests will be able to go discover the area with three friendly locals : Mr A Loai , Mr Son and Mr Tri.if interest , please ask our receptionist about our different tours : Sunset ,Bahnar or Jarai village ,Coffee plantation or trek.

Additionally ,Hnam Chang Ngeh can organize motorbike rental for the guests

Bahnar culture tour

The gong workshop and pictures with traditional Bahnar outfits is part one of our organized tours


Hnam Chang Ngeh has welcome 6 newcomers over the last month!


From promotion 6 has been added to the team for her 5-month hospitality internship.She take care of house keeping at Hnam Chang Ngeh.



F&B Teacher

Volunteer from Poussieres De Vie NGO


A former student from promotion 4 is now employed at Hnam Chang Ngeh as a translator , waiter and receptionist

Receptionist & House Keeping Teacher

Volunteer from Poussieres De Vie NGO

English & Communication Teacher

Volunteer from Poussieres De Vie NGO

Communication & Mathermatics Teacher

Volunteer from Poussieres De Vie NGO

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