Are you looking for an enriching experience with a meaningful purpose? Do you want to help disadvantaged children whilst learning loads about yourself? If you answered YES to these questions, then search no more! Join Poussieres de Vie (PdV) as a volunteer!!

Here is a list of all projects in Kon Tum and what volunteers could be doing for them!

The project:

The students follow a 7-month program in Kon Tum, with an “intensive English month” to start with. After this first month, they start with the general classes such as mathematics, IT, professional behavior, geography, etc as well as with classes specific to hospitality (reception, F&B, Housekeeping,etc)


What volunteers could help with:

  • Give English and/or French classes to the hotel staff
  • Participate to the English classes (there is a qualified English teacher)
  • Help out with the communication: taking nice photos and creating videos to promote our project and hotel
  • Organize or help organizing different B19events for the hotel such as the Brunch on Sunday
  • Organize a “social work” :every month the Hnam Chang Ngeh students spend one day volunteering for a good cause (for example in the Vinh Son)
  • Give general classes (mathematics, geography, etc..)
  • Give hospitality classes/ participate in the hospitality training of the students (for volunteers with a hospitality background only)

(As we follow a 7-month program, we rather have long-term volunteers for this project)

The project:

The “Point Sport” has 2 projects. The first one is the “Vinh Son” program, it helps children from the orphanages to have access to sport (2 hours/week). The program started on the 6th of April. The second one is the “social integration program”. It aims at children who are not going to school around Kon Tum. It consists of giving sport, English, mathematics, Vietnamese, IT, music …. classes. It will start on the  23rd of April.

What volunteers could help with:

The children have classes with qualified local teachers, but people are always needed to help out with the classes, for them to practice English for instance. (People with teaching qualifications would be preferred)

The Project:

The children are at school during the day. The volunteers can only do activities with them from 4 to 5pm, except in Vinh Son 1 and 2 which have many toddlers who do not go to school yet.

How you could help:

  • Games in the orphanages
  • Creative activities with the kids
  • Organize fieldtrips for instance to the swimming pool
  • Teaching them basic English through games

The project:

This is a class to prepare teenagers for all Poussieres de Vie programs. For 2 months, they follow English, Vietnamese, mathematics, IT and self-confidence classes so that after they can go into any of the project they wish to join (AA: Interior Design, Sewing, bakery or hospitality training center)

How to help:

The volunteers could help with the english classes (Monday to Friday form 8 to 10:30 and Friday from 2 to 4 pm.)

The project:

English Evening classes/ tutoring for minority children from Monday to Friday from 5:30 to 7pm.

What can you do?

Help out with the English classes every day.

A Message from Hnam Chang Ngeh Manager

“I am very happy to be here and it is a good chance to work at Hnam Chang Ngeh. I would like to say thank you for the sponsors for helping and supporting us so far. And please keep following us, we are trying our best to make the project a success by helping and training more young people in need to have a job for their life.”

Y Thuunh – Manager of the Hnam Chang Ngeh Training Center, Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

If you are interested, send your CV and motivation letter to

Please note that all Poussieres de Vie volunteers for all projects get a special “volunteer” discount at the Hnam Chang Ngeh hotel! Contact us at to book your accommodation with us!